Extra-virgin olive oil

The extra-virgin olive oil has always been part of my life and my family alike. It is like air to us, oxygen, an essential element to our diet.

Oropuro is a superior quality extra virgin olive oil. It is delicate with fruit-like nuances and obtained from a blend of three olive varieties: leccino, dritta and frantoio.

The olives are picked in the middle of October and mill in 24 hours. The early harvesting of olives in October, the perfect storing of the olives in suitable containers, the washing of the olives, the leaf removal among the olives and the cold pressing, all take place as rapidly as possible to guarantee the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the olive oil.

The extra virgin Oropuro, a result of the above mentioned production process, has a very low acidity. Its colour goes from green to yellow and its fragrance is rich and harmonic with a high note of artichoke and green grass. The taste is delicate and round with a note of tomato, lettuce and fennel, with a balanced spicy bitterness.

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